Коничива, уважаемый!

За время вашего отсутствия мы тут вон чего понаписали:


    6 Ноября

    LegoTech on Tour

    Hi, i am John your tourguide.

    We all know this situation: nothing happening online and going out for some healthy activity is just a bit to much activity.


    So when it gets really boring there is nothing better than meeting some friends. ... who know how to waste time and health :)


    Note Jim with the green stuff :)


    Ok, so we are packed and ready to go:

    Step 1

    Unpack the Paper and get the tobacco out of the cigarette (moisture will help)


    Step 2

    Put some Tobacco on the paper and make a little roll for the mouth piece


    Step 3

    Now it comes to the all important marijuana :) just put as much as you like on the tobacco (more is more ;)


    Step 4

    Now grep the entire thing and roll it in your fingers until it all forms a kind roll


    Step 5

    The hardest part is the actual rolling. But it is solvable right ?! ;)

    ... CARFULL handling will make it better ...


    Step 6

    Now just rip of the left over paper (when you roll inside-out)


    Now take a deep breath and feel the force :)


    ... and don't forget to share with your friends


    Till next time :))



    2016-08-17 17:38:22
    Great stuff! )))

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